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Alaska Glacial Mud Co

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Luxury spa and skin care products sustainably crafted with glacial mineral including facial mud masks and silt soap bars.

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Bettie A

Jan 20, 2019
The products made by Alaska Glacial Mud are wonderful! The mask cleans my pores out like no other, keeping my skin hydrated, and I love the exfoliating bar soap-- it's super gentle on my skin. These products are fabulous, and I'm so glad I made the switch to this company.
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Jaime O

Jan 06, 2019
This product delivers on its promises! I feel like a new person after using them, and I can't wait to order them again.
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Arleen V

Dec 05, 2018
I use the soap daily and the mask once a week, and I cannot imagine my life without these two! I'm obsessed with Alaska Glacial Mud products and have had a wonderful experience communicating with the company personnel.
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Marsha S

Apr 22, 2018
I'm blown away by this mask and bar of soap! I bought it for my daughter who had terrible acne and irritated skin, and it's cleared up after just a few days! They have a wonderful scent and leave the skin feeling wonderfully smooth.
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Emily G

Mar 17, 2018
I'm so happy with this order! The mud mask is heavenly, and I love the headband and the defoliator. I'll be buying more from this company for myself and for friends!
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Regan H

Mar 03, 2018
My wife loves this!! I got it for her for Christmas and the smile cannot be wiped off her face. Thank you for making this, I'm going to be a loyal customer, especially to a small company determined to do right by their buyers.

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