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Black Girl Sunscreen

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Black Girl Sunscreen uses no parabens, or other harmful chemicals and infuses the finest ingredients to protect and moisturize the skin without the dreaded white residue common with most sun screen.
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Tonia B

Jun 04, 2019
Amazing!!! It's not heavy, smells nice, and my skin doesn't look white! I'm obsessed!
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Lucille P

Feb 11, 2019
Love the refreshing scent and the fact that it fully absorbs with no white layer left behind. I'll be using this sunscreen from now on. The tubes are small, so plan on getting more than one at a time.
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Raina N

Dec 21, 2018
It's refreshing to see products made for POC. This is a great sunscreen for my kids.
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Ulrike B

Dec 18, 2018
This stuff hydrates my skin nicely and doesn't make my skin look ashy. A small amount is sufficient, and it hasn't caused me any breakouts! Gives me a nice shine and moisturization. New loyal customer here!
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Marcella M

Nov 08, 2018
BGS is the BEST! As a beauty expert, I love recommending this as the best way to protect my client's skin from sun damage. It blends into the skin with no discoloration, hydrates, and protects! Highly recommend BGS.
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Jama S

Sep 28, 2018
This product absorbs so nicely into my skin PLUS it prevents me from getting any sun damage! LOVE!

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