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Reduce stress and sleep better with the most comfortable weighted blanket today. Get a better sleep with BlanQuil.
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Rona R

Mar 29, 2019
I was impressed with how quickly this was delivered. It's nice and large, but it does seem a bit too warm for the hotter months of the year. It does function as they say it will though, it's very calming and soothing! And I think my sleep is improving. Thanks!!
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Bridget L

Mar 15, 2019
Fantastic blanket! My sleeping has hugely improved, I am getting the most intense, uninterrupted sleep than I've ever experienced. So grateful!!
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Gina S

Mar 12, 2019
My blanket arrived a few days ago and very quickly "disappeared" into my kid's bedroom. I'm crazy about it, I'm sleeping better than ever!
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Billie H

Oct 06, 2018
Sooooooo soothing and delicious. The whole family is crazy about this blanket. Cheaper than other blankets like it!
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Juanita T

Aug 13, 2018
I bought this for my daughter who has anxiety and doesn't sleep well. This has been so amazing for her and she's obsessed with it! I really appreciate this amazing product!
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Laurine T

Apr 30, 2018
Fabulous customer service. The blanket delivers on its promises TOO well! My hubby took it from me right after I got it! Now I ordered a few more to have for the family. I'm very pleased with these blankets since I did a lot of searching online to find the right product, and chose this after my cousin recommended it.

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