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Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen, offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, SPF 30+ formulations, Smart Bottle, and more.
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Karina C

Mar 02, 2019
All other brands but Blue Lizard have gone in the trash!! My family was on a vacation at the beach and we all got burned from the sun except for my daughter who has been given this sunscreen to use by her dermatologist! Now the rest of us are using it too!
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Elna C

Feb 19, 2019
This is the only sun protection we use for the intesne sun in Florida. We don't need to reapply much for full effect, unless we've been bathing, but I know that I can relay on Blue Lizard to protect our skin! I only recommend this sunscreen.
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Marina G

Dec 13, 2018
My young child has Eczema and I've tested so many types of sunscreens oh his poor skin.This is the only one that I can put on him!! I recommend giving it a try!
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Eula J

Jul 28, 2018
This is an expensive brand, but man is it worth it!! Such amazing products at Blue Lizard, I suggest you give them a shot.
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Rosario A

Mar 27, 2018
After we noticed that my son got red and rashy after using sunscreen, we decided to switch to Blue Lizard under the suggestion of his doctor. This is the only brand that doesn't set off his allergy!

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