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Carolina Castile Soap

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Carolina Castile Soap offers all-natural soaps including, liquid and bars soap.

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  • Bath Soaps
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  • Cruelty-Free
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Mission Statement

At Carolina Castile Soap, it's been our mission since day one of our operations to provide the most natural soaps on the market.

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Customer Photos

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Eleanor S

Apr 25, 2019
This soap can be used for such a wide variety of applications! I recently decided to try the citrus one and it's great! Love this brand.
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Anna C

Mar 17, 2019
Most castile unscented soaps actually smell pretty bad, and this one doesn't! I use it to make hand soap for my kids who have delicate skin that breaks out in rashes from most brands. This has been good for them!
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Juanita V

Dec 01, 2018
The neck of the bottle that I ordered came damaged and the product leaked all over the package. I contacted customer service and they sent me a new bottle with a nice letter apologizing for the inconvenience. Very impressed with such individualized service from online purchase! Thank you.
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Lakisha L

Oct 21, 2018
So fabulous! The lavender smell is the best, it smells just like the lavender essential oil. The bottle lasts forever and can be used for such a variety of uses! For cleaning, laundry, etc. without using any toxins that you don't want in your home.
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Dixie O

Aug 01, 2018
This stuff is so soft, makes my skin feel amazing. It's pure and it's scent-free yet so refreshing! Feels like it was made in the old days with pureness. Quick and excellent customer service.
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Muriel S

Jul 19, 2018
Love this product! Until I found this I was using Dr. Bronners but this brand is much better quality and the scent! Don't get me started! Love it!

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Lona D

This lathers up nicely, smells wonderful and refreshing, and makes my skin feel wonderful. All natural!

Suzanne D

We use the calendula balm for any hurts, burns, rashes, etc. on the family. Every family should have this in their home! It's a must!!!

Shaun W

The scent isn't too strong, it's really nice. The soap gets foamy enough to use to shave and it keeps my skin smooth and moisturized. Each bar takes a few months to finish. I have no reason to try any other brand, this is the best.

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