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Castor & Pollux offers organic pet food.

Product Categories
  • Dogs Food Wellness Grain Free
  • Cat Kittens Food Grain Free
Brand Values
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
Has brick & mortar stores
+1 (800) 875-7518

+1 (800) 875-7518

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Customer Photos

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Inez W

Jun 14, 2019
My cats are obsessed with this food. I know I can rely on the formula not to change which means my kitties will always love it. Until the day they lose interest, I'll continue buying it!
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Leta H

Mar 07, 2019
This is my dog's favorite food, she goes crazy as I prepare her dish, I can barely get her off me as I putting down her bowl! No issues with digestion and she loves the raw bites. So happy I ordered it.
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Jaclyn K

Oct 29, 2018
My fur baby was having such bad digestive issues, he kept throwing up all his food! The vet suggested meds, but I wanted to try something natural and found this food after an online search. Since I got this food he's been able to keep his food down!
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Mae C

Sep 17, 2018
My poodle is allergic to lots of foods and is really choosy about what she eats. This product has been great since he likes it AND it's not irritating her! She goes crazy for the freeze-dried chunks. This is the best dog food ever!
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Lydia S

Sep 13, 2018
I've been going through so many types of cat food and this one is incredible!!! None better than this. My cat chows down on this like crazy!

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