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Monthly subscription box for cat lovers including cat lady gifts, jewelry, mugs, clothes, and more.

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  • Cat Treats Catnip Wheatgrass
  • Cat Apparel Clothing

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Pearl B

Jan 09, 2019
Such an enjoyable experience to get the box and I just love the cute things they pick for me and my cats. They're always so happy to play with their new toys! The customer service at this company is phenomenal as well... Bravo! What's not to love about this company!
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Teresa M

Nov 30, 2018
The monthly box from Crazy Cat Lady is amazing, I look forward to enjoyable little things in there! I have to commend the amazing customer service I've received. I once got a bag that was damaged and wouldn't zip, so I left them a poor review. They surprised me by sending me a new one with a letter saying how sorry they were! Well, that changed my mind for sure! I suggest getting this subscription!
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Alexis K

Aug 30, 2018
My first box has the best treats for me and my cats!! They love the toys and the four items I got for myself are awesome. The t-shirt is actually huge on me so it's become PJ's. Otherwise, my kitties and I are stoked! And of course, as cats they even love the box itself lol
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Gladys C

Jul 20, 2018
I'm always excited when it's time for our monthly subscription to come in! I wasn't sure about subscribing to the monthly boxes, but I was so happy with it I decided to go on. Everything in the box is top notch and is a really nice way to gift yourself and your cat every month!
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Jennefer S

Apr 17, 2018
My kitty and I are crazy about the Crazy Cat Lady monthly boxes! We've utilized every item we've gotten. He plays with all the toys, and looooves the snake!
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Dolores G

Mar 06, 2018
Obsessed with Crazy Cat Lady!! My cats must know what's in these boxes because they jump at them to get at the toys at the first chance. All of the products are well made, top notch products. I like them so much I've even gone to older boxes to order those too. You need to jump on this train is you're a cat mama like me!

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