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To help people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, autism and other ailments achieve a restful nights sleep

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(888) 985-8663

(888) 985-8663
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To help people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, autism and other ailments achieve a restful nights sleep.

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Luella M

Mar 20, 2019
Very quick delivery, perfect size and I adore the color and soft feel of the blanket!!
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Jenniffer V

Mar 11, 2019
I've been incredibly happy with this blanket. It's so cozy and really brings me a sense of contentment while I sleep. They have excellent customer service as well. I highly recommend this blanket to everyone and will probably be buying more from Comfitude.
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Alma S

Sep 05, 2018
Everyone in my house fights for ownership of this blanket! It's incredibly soft and comfy. So glad I bought it!!
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Ollie A

May 09, 2018
I used to move around and sleep so terribly at night until I bought this blanket. I'm sleeping SO much more soundly now, and I wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, thanks to this blanket!
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Sheri B

May 09, 2018
My daughter has anxiety, so I bought her this blanket and it's been so helpful!! She's obsessed. I was happy they shipped it in time to make it as a Christmas gift.
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Margarette H

Apr 20, 2018
This blanket is the most incredible I've ever had. It keeps me warm yet not too hot at night, and I move around a lot less while I sleep. I keep this blanket all to myself and don't let my spouse have any so that I get the best sleep possible. It's so fuzzy and soft and was the one thing that has helped with my sleep problems!

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Rona R

I was impressed with how quickly this was delivered. It's nice and large, but it does seem a bit too warm for the hotter months of the year. It does function as they say it will though, it's very calming and soothing! And I think my sleep is improving. Thanks!!

Christi J

Incredible effect that I felt right away. I wake up way less during the nighttime, and it molds around my head and neck so much better than any pillow ever has! I'm buying one for my spouse too!

Milagros B

I've been wanting to order this for a long time and finally took the plunge. I'm so happy I got it! It's helped me sleep so soundly. I got the grey mink and it's so cozy and silky!! Very well made blanket, I'm crazy about it!!

Lourie P

These are the best products! I got both the weighted blanket and the neck wrap and they're made so well! And they have amazing customer service.

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