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To help people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, autism and other ailments achieve a restful nights sleep
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Luella M

Mar 20, 2019
Very quick delivery, perfect size and I adore the color and soft feel of the blanket!!
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Jenniffer V

Mar 11, 2019
I've been incredibly happy with this blanket. It's so cozy and really brings me a sense of contentment while I sleep. They have excellent customer service as well. I highly recommend this blanket to everyone and will probably be buying more from Comfitude.
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Alma S

Sep 05, 2018
Everyone in my house fights for ownership of this blanket! It's incredibly soft and comfy. So glad I bought it!!
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Ollie A

May 09, 2018
I used to move around and sleep so terribly at night until I bought this blanket. I'm sleeping SO much more soundly now, and I wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, thanks to this blanket!
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Sheri B

May 09, 2018
My daughter has anxiety, so I bought her this blanket and it's been so helpful!! She's obsessed. I was happy they shipped it in time to make it as a Christmas gift.
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Margarette H

Apr 20, 2018
This blanket is the most incredible I've ever had. It keeps me warm yet not too hot at night, and I move around a lot less while I sleep. I keep this blanket all to myself and don't let my spouse have any so that I get the best sleep possible. It's so fuzzy and soft and was the one thing that has helped with my sleep problems!

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