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GoGo Squeez offers squeezable on the go yogurts, applesauce and more.

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  • Healthy Food & Snacks
Brand Values
  • Sustainable
  • Ingredient Focused
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+1 (888) 288-7148

+1 (888) 288-7148

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver the most delicious and nutritious GoGo squeeZ YogurtZ offering, made with the highest quality, non-organic ingredients, including milk free from antibiotics, and other artificial growth hormones.

Reviews &Customer Photos

Customer Photos

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Alice F

Apr 01, 2019
These are amazing for my toddler, he loves them and the best part is that he doesn’t make an epic mess when he eats them. He’s definitely a food artist, and these keep things nice and neat. His older sister also loves them!
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Tu C

Mar 30, 2019
This product is the best. I got the assortment pack which has been great for my kids who love them. Especially the strawberry. It’s a lot of fun to make them into popsicles by freezing them. The best way to get healthy food in as a snack!
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Alberta J

Mar 19, 2019
These are perfect for snack time, as part of lunch, you name it. We have them in the house and also bought them for our college kid to have something to snack on in her room. They’re amazing for outdoor trips. We don’t even have a baby and we love them, but I have given them to my niece’s baby.
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Esther B

Dec 27, 2018
These packs go so fast!! My son practically inhaled them lol I like that there’s an option to buy them in bulk. It’s economical and convenient. And I can keep up with my kid’s intake.
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Gretchen K

Aug 19, 2018
I probably eat more of these than my kid does. We’re both crazy about them and I’m super happy that they’re healthy. Great!

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Keely F

I love these chips so much. I don’t eat enough veggies so now that I have these I’m finally getting my veggies in! I always have bags in my pantry, they’re so delicious and you can’t beat that crunch!

Renee Budge

The creamy peanut butter flavor is AMAZING! I've been telling everyone about this product. It's the best for vegan, low carb eaters! Sooo delicious.

michelle M

When my first Keto Box came two of the products were damaged and has spilled their contents during delivery. I let them know and they promised to resend them within a week. Imagine my shock when I got an ENTIRE new box instead of just a replacement of the two products!! This is a company that goes above and beyond for their customers... something that ensures my continued business! Thank you!!

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