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Go-To skin care is the cruelty free natural skincare product range by beauty editor Zoe Foster Blake. Featuring body oil, a silk pillowcase, lip balm, and more

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Vanessa L

Feb 12, 2019
I hit the jackpot! It's been eons since I've been able to find such an amazing lip product! You can feel your lips drinking in all the moisture and hydration. It has just a small tint of color, just what you want. Thank you so much for creating this brilliant beauty line!!
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Sophie G

Feb 04, 2019
I am 50 years old and my skin has always been problematic. I've fallen into the trap of buying useless skin products that claim to be for delicate skin, but cause my skin to flare up! It takes time for it to calm down again. Then I tried Face Hero and my life and skin have changed! I tried it for a week and I saw improvement right away! I was surprised that oil can make such clean and silky skin! I was sure it would give me acne, something that I still deal with at my age. I could go out makeup free if I wanted. Go To has incredible skin care, and they are a pleasure to communicate with!
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Adelaide G

Feb 02, 2019
LOVE LOVE LOVE these products. To tell you the truth, I've bought EVERYTHING from the site, and just made a second order of it all. My skin looks amazing, no acne, and I look fresh. The products are gentle for twice daily use. I can't tell you enough times-- GET this!! ALL of it. You are worth this kind of investment!
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Hanna C

Jan 04, 2019
Life transforming!! It's only been a week since I began using the cleanser and face mask for my combination skin and wow! I'm bright and clean as ever! New products usually cause an awful reaction. This must be some kind of witchcraft! Amazing job!
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Tessa F

Nov 20, 2018
So grateful to customer service at Go To, and also for these awesome products!! Made an order, but it wasn't arriving, so I contacted them and they saw that the delivery service had delayed it part way. They reimbursed me immediately and sent me a new package through priority mail! That's incredible service! They were quick and accommodating.
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Dion S

May 25, 2018
Fantastic skin-care for my super frustrating skin! The delivery service here made a mistake and sent to the wrong address, so Go To resent it to me again for free! I was so thankful, I was just about done with what I had and needed a refill!

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