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Hint water contains only water and delicious natural flavors without sugar, diet sweeteners, nor calories. Water made tasty with a splash of fruit essence.

Product Categories
  • Skin Sun Protection
  • Bottled beverages, water & drink mixes
Brand Values
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Ingredient Focused
Has brick & mortar stores
Offers subscription service

Free shipping on orders over $36

(866) 895-4468

(866) 895-4468
Mission Statement

To help the world live a healthy lifestyle by making products people love.

Reviews &Customer Photos

Customer Photos

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Louella W

Feb 09, 2019
This is great if you are trying to kick unhealthy habits such as soda.
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Wei B

Feb 06, 2019
I am a water aholic and drink a ton of water daily. This is a nice change without being overly sweet or unhealthy. They taste amazing and everyone in my family loves it!
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Cherrie V

Sep 03, 2018
I am hesitant to commit to buying a 12 pack--but so far I love all the flavors I have tried out. I look forward to coming home and kicking back with this healthy drink.
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Beulah G

Jul 01, 2018
I have tried every flavor and I have to say that over half the flavors don't taste so good. This is my personal opinion though and you make enjoy every flavor. Besides that, the shipping was easy and hassle-free.
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Lyn C

Jun 01, 2018
Since starting my healthy kick I have begun cutting out soda and this had been a great alternative. I am obsessed with this stuff and I like every single flavor that they make!

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