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Keto Box offer monthly a subscription box with 8-11 essentials with snacks and goodies that help those on the ketogenic diet.

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  • Healthy Food & Snacks
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  • Ingredient Focused
Offers subscription service

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Customer Photos

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Jessica C

Feb 22, 2019
What an awesome subscription box! The products are awesome and they have incredible customer service. My experience contacting them was fantastic.
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Lida D

Feb 06, 2019
I honestly think I'd have quit on the Keto diet if it wasn't for these boxes. They make it enjoyable and sooo much easier!!!
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Jacquline S

Nov 26, 2018
Thanks to Keto Box, following the Keto lifestyle is much simpler. I really appreciate it, this company is fantastic!
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Michelle M

Jun 22, 2018
When my first Keto Box came two of the products were damaged and has spilled their contents during delivery. I let them know and they promised to resend them within a week. Imagine my shock when I got an ENTIRE new box instead of just a replacement of the two products!! This is a company that goes above and beyond for their customers... something that ensures my continued business! Thank you!!
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Debbie S

Apr 10, 2018
The Keto Box has transformed my life. I was getting really bored with my Keto routine and needed something new. I'm a big snack lover, and these boxes have provided me with the snacks and the variety I had been craving! I get to try new things! I promise you, you will love this, don't doubt it! So worth your money.
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Katie L

Apr 10, 2018
Thank you so much for creating this incredible service!!! This has made my life so much better. I'm blown away by the number of products they send, and now some have become regulars for me!

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