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A personalized skin care routine curated from the world’s most loved products, tailored to your goals and concerns, and delivered right to your door every season. Skincare instructions come every box, so you can be sure you're using your all star products correctly.
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Jasmine D

Feb 21, 2019
My new regimen is really affecting my skin so well. My skin is soft and glowing, and moisturized. I look healthier than ever and someone even told me my skin looks amazing! I loved that! I highly recommend Kura!
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Eva P

Dec 21, 2018
As a new mom, I have zero time to invest in finding new skin products to match the new skin I have since giving birth. I love that they are able to cater to your skin type and that it comes straight to my home. Made my life easier that's for sure! Anyone looking to renew their routine but doesn't have the luxury of searching and shopping should try this service!
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Natalie R

Dec 18, 2018
Fantastic products that have made my skin look the best it has in years! And they have great customer service.
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Regina P

Oct 01, 2018
Until recently I didn't any problems with my skin, but things have changed and I came to the conclusion that I need to create a skin care regiment for myself. I love what I got from Kura Skin, it's been wonderful.
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Niki D

May 06, 2018
I bought the Kura gift box for my daughter and she's loving it!! It was easy for her to go through the ordering process to create her own personalized skin care routine, and her order came a few days later. She's so happy with it! I'd love to get this for all the women I know!
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Cathleen F

May 03, 2018
I'm so grateful for Kura for creating the best combination of products to keep my skin looking it's best. They added a cream in it that is just what I need for the coming winter when my skin completely dries out.

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