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Kush Queen is committed to providing premier hemp CBD, wellness, skincare, beauty and lifestyle products with a focus on bath bombs and topicals.

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(714) 215-4442

(714) 215-4442

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Toni C

Mar 25, 2019
I'm stoked to order more from this company!! Love the edible chocolate, it's so yummy. The CBD Pain Melt is amazing and I'm crazy about that bath bomb!! My order took only four days to arrive!
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Shannon B

Nov 30, 2018
This brand gets all the praises from me! The order process is simple, they describe the products very well on the site, and they send you samples with your orders. I get the bath bombs, and now I want to try the Melt after getting the sample!
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Racquel C

Nov 26, 2018
So grateful for the Melt Lotion, which has really been a game-changer for me! I couldn't fall asleep from the pain I was in and now I sleep through the night!
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Racquel B

Oct 18, 2018
Obsessed with these bath bombs. If I could get a subscription to these or order in bulk, I would! My shipment update came today and it's got me so excited for it to arrive!! Thank you for making this awesome product!!
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Gail B

May 19, 2018
I sleep so deeply when I apply this before I get into bed at night. I love the citrus scent which is so refreshing and calming. It's a bit expensive for the size that you get, but I'll be sure to order it again!
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Marina M

Apr 14, 2018
Everything about this Kit is the BEST! It's the perfect way to test these wellness products out to see if you like them. I have scoliosis which causes me constant back pain and sleep issues of course. The bath bomb really calms me down and aids in my sleep. I recommend trying this out!!

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