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Lark Ellen Farm

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Delicious grain-free granola bites, cereals and gluten-free products made with dehydrated, protein rich seeds and nuts.
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Pamela N

Feb 04, 2019
I started with the sampler pack and now I'm addicted! I looove the Vanilla Cinnamon that one's my favorite. This is a tasty and nutritious treat.
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Pamela M

Dec 20, 2018
This is the most incredible granola that's grain-free! The fact that it's sprouted is a huge plus. Really delicious!
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Lillia S

Oct 13, 2018
I've never had better granola than this one! They include top quality ingredients and it tastes freshly-made every time.
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Karen D

Jul 26, 2018
I had Lark Ellen's Sweet & Salty trail mix and I love it!! It's delicious with wonderful flavor. I really like this company-- it's well-regarded and made in the US, as well as yummy! I recommend it!
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Kellie K

May 26, 2018
I'm obsessed with everything Lark Ellen Farms makes-- from their snacks to their breakfast foods. Everything is Deeeelicious.
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Jaclyn B

May 01, 2018
You really must try these products, they're SO nutritious and have amazing flavor. I love the Vanilla Cinnamon, as well as the Sweet & Salty trail mix.

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