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LEEF products are 100% organic and non-GMO. Everything is hand harvested and made in the USA.
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Zora T

Feb 18, 2019
My mother really suffers from her arthritis, she can barely move her hands, really limiting her use. Now, she can use her hands with much less pain! She's very happy with this product.
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Diane H

Jan 30, 2019
The charcoal clay soap smells sooo good! I got it last week and it's already improved my zits! The minute I noticed some pimples coming up I used this on them and it reduced them right away, and it's also helped rehydrate some dry patches I have on my legs! I'm totally buying this again.
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Carla D

Jan 18, 2019
I'm so effing obsessed with this soap! My skin has never looked better: no acne! Never felt better: psoriasis is less itchy! AMAZING!! This company is fantastic, I'm so grateful for the fact that my skin is practically glowing!
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Vernice V

Nov 30, 2018
This is amazing!!! My TMJ gives me horrible headaches, which my physician has not been able to help me with. But now I have fewer symptoms related to the TMJ, and besides that my husband and I also use it to help with workout recovery! We love having this alternative medicine in the house!
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Jennefer G

Jul 09, 2018
I have nausea all the time, and I've found that the only thing that helps it is Thrival CBD. Otherwise, I have to take prescription meds. It's also helped reduce inflammation and migraines for me. I highly recommend this to everyone I know!
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Mindy B

May 13, 2018
My anxiety and depression have lessened significantly and I'm noticing that the pain in my leg is better too. This CBD extract has improved my life so much, it's so valuable to me!

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