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Mary’s Gone Crackers

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Organic crackers made from brown rice, quinoa, flax, and sesame seeds manufactured in a dedicated organic, gluten free facility.

Product Categories
  • Crackers
  • Healthy Food & Snacks
Brand Values
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Ingredient Focused
  • Allergy Focused

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Mission Statement

Through seed-craft we spread our love of fun, well-being and nourishment everywhere. It is our mission as bakers and food lovers to create food you will love to eat.

Reviews &Customer Photos

Customer Photos

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Tami M

Feb 04, 2019
I'm obsessed with the Orginal Cracker, I'm so grateful to this company for making a nutritious cracker to snack on!
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Jeffrey M

Dec 26, 2018
These crackers fit perfectly into my detox diet. I just LOVE the Garlic and Herb. The fact that they have seeds in them makes them incredibly healthy!! Love em!
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Lauren D

Dec 11, 2018
These have blown my mind! They're RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!!!! I'm imagining how this company could largen them and make them into pizza crusts, that would be amazing!!! I eat them all the time.
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Zora W

Oct 17, 2018
I really like the Real Thin sweet onion cracker, they're delicious! My son's favorite is the graham crackers.
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Vicky M

Sep 09, 2018
The Super Seed Classic Crackers are the BEST!!! This is the best cracker that I could find to fit my mostly raw vegan diet. I like to eat them with peanut butter that I ground myself with a banana... YUM!! Love these crackers!
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Sasha M

Sep 06, 2018
Thanks for making the most incredible healthy crackers a family could snack on!! We love them so much. I personally prefer the herb flavored ones.

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Keely F

I love these chips so much. I don’t eat enough veggies so now that I have these I’m finally getting my veggies in! I always have bags in my pantry, they’re so delicious and you can’t beat that crunch!

Renee Budge

The creamy peanut butter flavor is AMAZING! I've been telling everyone about this product. It's the best for vegan, low carb eaters! Sooo delicious.

Tu Charles

This product is the best. I got the assortment pack which has been great for my kids who love them. Especially the strawberry. It’s a lot of fun to make them into popsicles by freezing them. The best way to get healthy food in as a snack!

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