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Mary’s Gone Crackers

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Organic crackers made from brown rice, quinoa, flax and sesame seeds manufactured in a dedicated organic, gluten free facility.
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Tami M

Feb 04, 2019
I'm obsessed with the Orginal Cracker, I'm so grateful to this company for making a nutritious cracker to snack on!
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Jeffrey M

Dec 26, 2018
These crackers fit perfectly into my detox diet. I just LOVE the Garlic and Herb. The fact that they have seeds in them makes them incredibly healthy!! Love em!
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Lauren D

Dec 11, 2018
These have blown my mind! They're RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!!!! I'm imagining how this company could largen them and make them into pizza crusts, that would be amazing!!! I eat them all the time.
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Zora W

Oct 17, 2018
I really like the Real Thin sweet onion cracker, they're delicious! My son's favorite is the graham crackers.
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Vicky M

Sep 09, 2018
The Super Seed Classic Crackers are the BEST!!! This is the best cracker that I could find to fit my mostly raw vegan diet. I like to eat them with peanut butter that I ground myself with a banana... YUM!! Love these crackers!
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Sasha M

Sep 06, 2018
Thanks for making the most incredible healthy crackers a family could snack on!! We love them so much. I personally prefer the herb flavored ones.

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