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For healthy and beautiful skin, find the best products for your skin type from the #1 Dermatologist-recommended skin care brand, Neutrogena.
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Stacey L

Feb 09, 2019
Very gentle on sensitive skin, easy to use, and hydrates really well. Love it and recommend it!
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Emily K

Jan 17, 2019
Super easy to apply, leaves my skin soft and smooth. Love these masks!
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Nanci N

Aug 22, 2018
Northeast winters can be harsh on the skin. This product is a bit messy, but it does a good job moisturizing the skin, easy to use, and covers the face and nose just fine.
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Cristy H

Jun 21, 2018
Facial mask conformed very well, stayed put, and felt very soothing. After removal my face felt softer and smoother with a little dryness. The results were comparable to if I applied face lotion. A bit messy, make sure you are over a sink because when you pull out the masks it drips a bit.
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Amy L

Apr 14, 2018
This product includes 12 hydrating face masks that feel nice and left my skin feeling very hydrated. A bit messy to apply! At times they may slip out of place so you may need to adjust them a bit as you wear them. I prefer the masks that you just rub onto your face – easier to me! But overall, these do what they are supposed to do.

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