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Delicious gourmet snacks since 1978. The party snack food. Healthy snack chips: Bagel Crisps, Pita Chips, Panetini & Sweet Swirls
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Gladys S

Apr 30, 2019
Since trying the Sea Salt and Pepper chips they've become my go-to snack. I love them so much!!
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Amparo F

Feb 15, 2019
So delicious!! I have a hard time not inhaling the entire bag at once.
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Daisy H

Jan 22, 2019
So much simpler to order these online than buying them in shops where they're often out of stock. They're not too salty and taste great with cheeses. Well priced chips!
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Emiko M

Nov 30, 2018
I love eating New York Bagel chips plain or with some cheese and dips. I always have these in my pantry to snack on.
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Catrice S

Jul 24, 2018
These chips are seasoned perfectly. I like to snack on them when I'm working. They don't leave an oily residue and they've got the perfect crunch!
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Audrey C

Jul 22, 2018
I love these and so do my spouse and kids! We snack on them all the time. Ordering them is convenience since they can be difficult to find locally.

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