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Nicholson River Soaps

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Nicholson River Soaps offers artisan hemp and goat, buffalo and camel milk soaps.

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  • Bath Soaps
Brand Values
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Handmade
  • Ingredient Focused
Has brick & mortar stores

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Beth A

Sep 13, 2018
I'm OBSESSED with the deodorant! So worth your money. I sweat a lot on the job and I never smell now! It lasts the whole day. So happy to have found a natural deodorant that actually works!
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Delphine G

Aug 29, 2018
Love the way my skin feels from these products. The goat, buffalo and camel milk products are the best. The whole family loves them! The shampoo bar and ACV rinse are amazing and the deodorant goes on smoothly and feels nice. Grateful for the founder who makes these products!
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Suzanne D

Aug 25, 2018
We use the calendula balm for any hurts, burns, rashes, etc. on the family. Every family should have this in their home! It's a must!!!
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Amparo C

Aug 23, 2018
Nicholson River Soaps are incredible and my favorite product is the Calendula Balm. It's amazing amazing amazing!! It works for anything!! Thank you!!!
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Delores B

Jul 09, 2018
These soaps are the best! I wasn't expecting such awesomeness. I find excuses to shower so I can use them. I'll be telling all my friends about this brand.
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Margaret M

Jun 06, 2018
Obsessed!! My family uses and loves the soaps. I also apply the lip butter all the time. Anyone who likes amazingly scented, handmade body products will love this company.

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Lakisha L

So fabulous! The lavender smell is the best, it smells just like the lavender essential oil. The bottle lasts forever and can be used for such a variety of uses! For cleaning, laundry, etc. without using any toxins that you don't want in your home.

Lona D

This lathers up nicely, smells wonderful and refreshing, and makes my skin feel wonderful. All natural!

Shaun W

The scent isn't too strong, it's really nice. The soap gets foamy enough to use to shave and it keeps my skin smooth and moisturized. Each bar takes a few months to finish. I have no reason to try any other brand, this is the best.

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