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Organically sourced cannabinoid CBD oil with unsurpassed potency and consistency.

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Brooke C

Sep 23, 2018
I was pretty close to giving up on my old German Shepherd but before I decided to put her down I got this oil and a week later she's like a puppy again! She has renewed energy and is back to playing and jumping around. I can't believe what a difference this has made!! None of the pharmaceutical meds she was on worked like this.
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Beatrice S

Sep 20, 2018
I am SO grateful to Nuleaf for the caring and wonderful customer service you gave me. I'm going through a tough time, and your help has ensured my continued business with you forever!
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Marissa G

Jul 07, 2018
I ordered this to help with my daily chronic headaches and have high hopes for it! My delivery arrived very quickly, which is my book already gets this product a good review! They attach a letter with instructions and info to help you with the product, which is especially helpful to someone who's never used CBD products before. This company gives me the sense that they are reliable.
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Margarette B

Jun 12, 2018
My order of the 240mg oil was delivered very fast. The flavor and scent are kind of intense, but not terrible. It's calmed me down so that I can sleep well and I'm waiting to see what it does for my RA. I haven't felt this positive about anything in a while, so I'm very grateful to you!
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Chassidy A

Jun 06, 2018
My old rescue was diagnosed with cancer and the vets told us we had just a few months left with her. We started this, and six weeks later she's got new energy, and her tumors are either gone or shrunk!! I haven't been treating her with any meds, so I know that it's thanks to NuLeaf!! I am so grateful to them for giving her relief for the short time we have left.
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Geneva S

May 19, 2018
My 240mg bottle arrived yesterday and I tried it right away before I went to bed. I woke up feeling relaxed and refreshed. I'm not tired and my back pain is so much better than usual! I feel energized and can concentrate well!

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Joy B

I'm totally obsessed!! I got one of the flavors in one of my monthly goodie boxes and I'm hooked! They're a bit pricey, but I'd love to buy all the flavors to try them!

Zora T

My mother really suffers from her arthritis, she can barely move her hands, really limiting her use. Now, she can use her hands with much less pain! She's very happy with this product.

Monica C

This is the purest CBD product on the market. They are flavor free, and the tabs work wonders for my sleep with no ill side effects. I've been telling everyone in my sphere about these products. The way they produce it allows you to add it to other creams or products to amp up the potency. They have great customer service and delivery service also.

Eleanor B

My relative gave me a sample of this lotion for my knee which has pain issues since I damaged it in a horseback riding accident. I've had inflammation since then and I liked the sample so much I bought my own bottle as well as one for my wife too, and a sample size so my mom can see if it helps with her MS. I am a horse trainer and now I'm no longer in pain at work! I wish I could give this product more stars than this, it's fantastic!!!

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