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Lightweight, absorbent, and fast drying bath towels. Waffle woven with 100% Supima cotton.

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Katie M

Jan 03, 2019
These towels aren't heavy, they're nice looking, and feel great. The company has accommodating customer service.
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Arleen F

Dec 31, 2018
Incredible towels! I was pleased to see that their dedication to making great products goes all the way when a washcloth I bought had a problem. They sent me a new one without any hassle! I'm now a customer for life.
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Violet K

Jun 11, 2018
For years, we dealt with stinky washcloths and despite all the methods we tried we always ended up having to toss them. Not anymore since we found these amazing towels! They absorb liquid very well yet don't retain the smells. I guarantee you'll be happy buying these.
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Pearline W

Mar 29, 2018
The quality of these towels is amazing! They dry out so fast and are so useful! Very reasonably priced for such an amazing item.
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Elenora B

Feb 12, 2018
The ordering process from Onsen was so simple and I love their products! They're so great that I went back online and ordered a few more as gifts for family. These are becoming my go-to gifts for myself and our family.
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Willie G

Jan 30, 2018
I'm crazy about this company and its products! Ordering is easy and they deliver packages promptly.

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