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  • @Plant-Based Seaweed Skincare

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Earth and ocean inspired plant-based beauty for home natural skincare and organic spa professional products. 100% pure & vegan. Family owned & operated since 1996
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Louella N

Dec 21, 2018
OMG Osea products are my favorite! I got a starter pack and am blown away by the results! It feels rich and incredible, and I don't have to feel guilty because the ingredients are all vegan. Most of the products have yielded results, from the creams, cleansers, face polish, and the oils. Some of the products are pricey, but it is worth it for the amazing results. They ship quickly and for free! Some of the containers have malfunctioned for me, but it has not stopped me from giving this brand 100% top marks!! I'm so grateful to have discovered them!
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Kelli K

Aug 19, 2018
I can't believe I haven't discovered Osea before this! What have been doing until now? I am a fan for life. The backstory that they give on the website is amazing, and it got me SO excited to use the products. I made my order and it was delivered so quickly- just three day delivery! They packed the products like it was my birthday! So gorgeous! I love that they use glass to bottle the products. But that is all nothing compared to my actual experience with the skin care itself: Since the day I got them, this routine has become a must for me! My skin has improved so much, and I just love the way it feels and smells, and you really don't have to use a lot! What a difference!! The plant based ingredients are so invigorating. I tell EVERYONE about this brand and I am religiously devoted to them for life!!!
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Sara B

May 01, 2018
I use an Osea cream on my skin when my skin breaks out the week before my period, and it magically gets rid of it all! My skin is renewed, and it smells so good!!
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Summer D

Apr 28, 2018
My thanks to Osea for their incredible skin are products!! My preteen daugters use the essential hydrating oil, and their skin just shines! The atmosphere protection cream and mineral sea mist are my fave fave fave ever!!
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Lena W

Apr 03, 2018
The Osea trainer that gave us advice was so incredible-- I've never recived such amazing customer service from a skin care company. The products we use from Osea are FABtastic!!! Amazing products and amazing service- what more can you ask for?

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