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Otherland is a direct-to-consumer candle brand that transforms the home into an expressive world.

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Gail B

Jan 23, 2019
Incredible candles!! I love taking photos of them, the scents are one-of-a-kind, it gets me to buy things besides my fall-back vanilla. I love buying them as presents for friends.
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Nena G

Dec 30, 2018
Everything is perfect from the moment you open the box, to lighting the candle and smelling the amazing scents. The design of the box is beautiful and they cradle the candle in material that keeps it safe from damage. And the matches are so convenient. They use soy and coconut waxes in these candles which you can smell when it's lit! So far, there hasn't been any soot and the container is perfect for holding the candle. My favorite scent it Kindling, it smells like I'm actually sitting by a campfire!
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Darlena P

Nov 10, 2018
I got this candle and the matches and lit it right away and WOW!!! My home was enveloped in the more delicious, heavenly smell! I really appreciate this amazing experience from Otherland candles and love that you can gift this to someone based on their personality and the need.
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Christa R

Oct 21, 2018
The Otherland candles are the best! I love opening my packages so much! The smell is intense, but not so much so that it becomes too much. It's mild enough that I can have it lit the whole day. I just adore the Canopy and Chandelier scents!
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Alison B

Apr 28, 2018
Such one-of-a-kind candles that help me chill out and feel so calm. I light them to read a good book or sit down to work on a project. The two scents Chandelier and Canopy smells so rich and divine and I love the pretty boxes. You will not regret getting these!
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Elvina A

Mar 26, 2018
Not only am I crazy about these candles, but I love the whole concept of the company, that cares about taking care of and loving ourselves. Everything they do from the way the candles look and are presented to the way they smell, I just love it all!

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