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Sofia Vanegas is a small-scale coffee farmer in Río Coco, Nicaragua. Through Pachamama Coffee, a global cooperative 100% owned by coffee farmers, Sofia and her community can deliver freshly roasted coffee directly to you in 2-3 days!

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  • Ground Coffee
  • Roasted Coffee Beans
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Customer Photos

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Lori M

Jul 25, 2018
I've been ordering the fresh-roasted coffee beans for a while. I'm SO very excited that they are opening a coffee shop near me, I love this company, there's nothing like it!
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Andi W

May 17, 2018
I'm so happy that the profits of the coffee that I buy go straight back to the farmers that cultivated it! What a wonderful company, with a fantastic mission and business ethics. They make fantastic coffee to boot!
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Teresa Y

Feb 01, 2018
OBSESSED with Pachamama's coffee!!

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