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Discover the high quality of Populum. Cultivated for perfection. Grown and made in the USA. Rebalance your well being through Populum.
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Chelsea P

Mar 29, 2019
I suffer terrible migraines and was hopeful this would help when I ordered the 250mg Hemp Oil. I'm sleeping better and my migraines have improved a lot. I feel like a new me!
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Veta A

Mar 09, 2019
I have digestive problems which cause me constipation as well as colon problems. Since I began taking Populum, my colon is much improved and I'm having an easier time with digestion as well as sleeping better at night! I'm crazy about this!
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Lindsay P

Sep 14, 2018
My old rescue dog has anxiety issues and also trouble walking because of his hip, and this oil has been incredible for him. He's much calmer and can walk with less pain.
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Valorie A

Sep 09, 2018
Amazing CBD oil that has really helped my inflammatory issues. The flavor is nice too, just the right amount of citrusy sweetness.
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Anna P

Sep 05, 2018
I have IBS and this CBD is very helpful for my symptoms. It hasn't done much to help me FALL asleep, but once I do, I think my sleep quality has become better.
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Margarette H

Aug 08, 2018
This was packaged very nicely and came with the information about the CBD testing and levels as well, which makes it really legitimate. I wasn't noticing anything until I stopped taking it and realized I had been feeling so much better on it!

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