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Shashi is a studio performance sock that provides functionality that moves seamlessly from studio complete to street chic.

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(561) 447-8800

(561) 447-8800

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Patrica M

Feb 26, 2019
I got these after my barre teacher suggested them, and they're really great! The delivery has some problems so I notified customer service who was so nice and easy to communicate with. They're really comfy and don't stifle my feet, and they actually motivate me when I wear them! I sometimes wear them just as socks and I haven't had any problems with the sparkles coming off in the wash since I make sure to wash on cold.
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Harriet B

Feb 09, 2019
These a just a tad too sparkly for me but the few times I've worn them people have said they look great. I'm super happy about my interactions with the customer service about the product. They're very customer oriented.
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Kasandra O

Jan 16, 2019
There are a lot of grip cushions on the bottom so they truly prevent slips, which is great for my barre classes. I was worried about the sparkles coming off so I used some adhesive spray and it worked! No sparkles lost yet. I handwash and air dry them to keep them in peak shape. I'm obsessed!
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George L

Nov 02, 2018
I got the size small and it's a great fit, and they've got the perfect amount of gripping. I like them so much, I'm totally ordering more of them since I'm sure the sparkles will eventually come off after wearing them a few time.
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Tommie C

Sep 11, 2018
I wear Shashi socks even though I don't exercise. I use them while running around after my toddler in the house on our slippery wooden floors. I use them daily!
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Marsha T

Jul 21, 2018
I'm super happy with these and have bought two of them now. They're much nice looking than other brands and grip really well on the mat or on floors. You won't slip around in these when practicing yoga or barre or pilates. They're a little expensive, I'd love to buy more if I could!

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