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Soothing Herbals is an herbalist owned and operated apothecary shop and holistic healing practice offering handmade organic products.

Product Categories
  • Baby Skin Care
  • Face Skin Care Lotion Products
  • Body Skin Care Products Beauty
  • Maternity Skin Care
  • Aromatherapy Products
  • Tea Coffee Cocoa Grocery
  • Zen Life & Meditation
Brand Values
  • Organic
  • Ingredient Focused
Has brick & mortar stores

Returns on orders within 14 days of purchase

(540) 460-2722

(540) 460-2722
Mission Statement

To inspire and promote health, beauty and wellness by providing quality products and holistic services with integrity and affordability.

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Customer Photos

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Myrna C

Dec 19, 2018
These products are fabulous and they're deliciously scented!

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Gretchen V

Whatever I order from this company instantly becomes a favorite of mine! These products are amazing for my skin!

sophie G

I am 50 years old and my skin has always been problematic. I've fallen into the trap of buying useless skin products that claim to be for delicate skin, but cause my skin to flare up! It takes time for it to calm down again. Then I tried Face Hero and my life and skin have changed! I tried it for a week and I saw improvement right away! I was surprised that oil can make such clean and silky skin! I was sure it would give me acne, something that I still deal with at my age. I could go out makeup free if I wanted. Go To has incredible skin care, and they are a pleasure to communicate with!

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