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ToeSox creates products that support an active lifestyle. Including the five-toe socks for Pilates, barre, dance, yoga and more.

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  • Womens Athletic Socks
  • Womens Leg Warmers
  • Womens Yoga Socks

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Rosalia R

Feb 25, 2019
I've been wearing these for half a year a few times a week and they've been working wonderfully. They fit well, are comfortable, don't smell, and really do grip!! I recommend these socks, and I suggest getting them a size too small because if they're too big they won't function properly.
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Opal H

Dec 31, 2018
I exercise at home for the most part and I prefer not to wear any shoes in the house, but needed to wear something that would grip. I was happy to find these and have been using them around the house when I workout, they're great for when I'm doing my pushups, etc.
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Chelsea R

Aug 01, 2018
I'm in a Pilates class and was worried that I kept sliding and felt unsafe, but these socks changed that! They fit nicely. They launder well and haven't gotten ruined. You can get them with the open and closed toes, whichever you prefer.
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Sarah R

Jun 03, 2018
These no-slip socks are the best!!! They aren't heavy, they're super comfy and they do what they promise to. I feel much more secure when I folded up like a pretzel, knowing I won't slip and hurt myself.
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Rachael Q

Apr 29, 2018
I practice yoga all the time and my feet slip around so much for some of the poses. These socks solved that problem for me! They're funny looking, but kind of "adorkable". You have to go through a period of getting used to the way they feel on your toes. They kind of feel too tight, but that will eventually abate and they'll fit perfectly. I've washed them several times but don't put them through the dryer. You'll love these if your feet slide around like mine did.
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Karen H

Apr 27, 2018
These are amazing for yoga and also for my martial arts practice. I originally bought the size large sock which I thought were fine until they got a little loose and that defeated the purpose. I went down a size and they're perfect!

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