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Trimino features protein-infused water.

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(203) 453-0090

(203) 453-0090

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Virgie E

Mar 30, 2019
I'm totally buying this after I tried it at my friend's. It's perfect for my Keto diet, to get protein in and as a light snack.
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Nadia H

Feb 14, 2019
So yummy, it makes my inner self shine and keeps my body hydrated!
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Venessa L

Jan 26, 2019
Wow, this drink exceeded my expectations. It has no sugar and carbs, so it's not too sweet. You don't feel the infused whey protein, it tastes clean and like regular water. I strongly recommend this drink.
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Lona D

Dec 30, 2018
I have been on a weight loss journey and this drink has been AMAZING!!! I'm already losing and it's thanks to this sugar and fat free drink!
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Priscilla K

Nov 02, 2018
I love the coconut pineapple so much, it's energizing. I'm crazy about this product!
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Jaquelyn A

Jul 12, 2018
The best way to get protein into your life that's delicious and awesome!

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Corinne S

This awesome product is a huge time saver for me when I don't have time to make food. It's so good that I haven't gotten sick of it yet. I started drinking these a few years ago, and I'm very happy with this life-changing product as well as the company. They have great customer service!

Ronda C

My doc told me that to keep my health up I had to supplement with bone broth. I really wasn't excited about that prospect, but once I tried this I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was with just an added sprinkle of s&p.

Nancy C

When I ordered the Urthbox I didn't realize that I had agreed to a monthly subsciption, which really isn't within my budget currently. When I was charged the next month, I contacted them and they really were wonderful about quickly canceling and refunding me. I'm very impressed with that kind of service! Other than that, the food in the box was so tasty and healthy to boot! Really is a great way to get to try some new healthy foods! I really recommend this service.

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