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Uncle Funky’s Daughter offers sustainable, chemical-free hair care products to a blossoming curly hair market.

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Aileen R

Feb 19, 2019
I've been using the Wash n Go for 9 days now and its amazing! All I have to do it sprinkle a bit of water on it, with a tiny but of Curly Magic, and poof! It looks amazing. My curls have life! And they're soft and gleam beautifully. People comment that my hair looks amazing ALL the time and I have to tell them my secret!
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Sonja D

Jan 24, 2019
Since my hair stylist use this on me one time, I have been asking her to use it ever since!! No matter how humid it is, and even when I've been excersizing, my hair remains beautifully curled. Love it!
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Pamala H

Aug 28, 2018
WOW!! What an amazing product and fantastic customer care!! How is it not more popular?? I love that it creates a sheen, curls that stay defined, and is easy to rejuvinate with some H2O. No buildup too!! No matter what the weather is, my hair stays beautiful with lovley body. Say goodbye to your frizz. I'm almost a week in with these products, and I may have discovered them late in the game, but I'm in baby!!
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Latoya R

Jul 12, 2018
I recently got a MAJOR haircut and have been using the Unkle Funky Magic Curl product ever since, and it has been amazing! It's done wonders for my curls, defining them beautifully. I'm sold on this product and will keep buying it! Unlike other curly hair products I've used it doesn't create an buildup on my scalp.
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Blossom M

May 22, 2018
Uncle Funky's curly hair products are by far the most amazing hair prodicts I've ever tried! I cannot believe I haven't been using it until now.
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Carol H

Apr 14, 2018
I discovered this brand through my niece and just got to buying it recently. Wow!! This stuff is amazing! My hair has improved so much that I was able to go from three products to one! I now use the Magic Curl Stimulator and it's gotten rid of my frizz, and made my hair voluminous and silky! LOVE this brand!

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Heidi I

They make the only product I've ever found that can both strengthen and detangle my curls, now I can wash my hair as often as I like! Their shampoo, normal conditioner, and deep conditioner, are the best for hair that's as curly as mine.

Misty F

Found just what I needed here - clear descriptions and accurate colors. Flawless ordering and shopping experience!

Anastasia K

I adore my "Spooky Halloween" dress! It's so flattering and cute, and very comfortable. Their customer support is dead on every time, too.

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