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Providing a new perspective for athletic clothing, Vuori is built to move and sweat in, and for an active lifestyle.

Product Categories
  • Mens Track Jackets
  • Mens Activewear Shirts
  • Mens Athletic Pants
  • Mens Activewear Shorts
  • Board Shorts
  • Womens Activewear
  • Womens Athletic Hoodies
  • Womens Athletic Jackets
  • Womens Active Shirts And Tees
  • Womens Active Pants
  • Womens Athletic Leggings
  • Womens Athletic Shorts
  • Mens Accessories
Brand Values
  • Material Focused
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Mission Statement

To redefine what customers expect from an activewear brand.

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Customer Photos

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Dianna C

Feb 28, 2019
When the stiching on my Kore shorts came apart, I contacted customer support and they were awesome about letting me return it. Easy and simple- all I had to do was make a claim and they sent me a new pair, better than ever! These shorts are superior to any others. They fit perfectly, amazing quality, and SO comfy. Very happy with the service experience-- will be coming back to buy more!
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Addie C

Aug 23, 2018
After ordering and testing out the shorts, I immediately went online to order a bunch more. They're amazing! I'll be needing this comfort after the surgery I have scheduled. Anyone going through surgery or anyone who's a serious runner wants these shorts! Great service too- one of my shorts had a problem, and one day later, it was taken care of. Thumbs up!!
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Noel C

May 05, 2018
Impressed with the comfort and quality level of these shorts! I didn't have much faith when I ordered them, but I am now hooked! The Banks shorts are just over the top AWESOME. They sit perfectly on me, good length, and not heavy. I wear these babies both in the gym and out and about. Top marks Vuorio!
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Casey M

Apr 27, 2018
Vuorio makes the BEST shorts I've owned-- EVER. This company makes quality clothing!
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Jean V

Mar 07, 2018
Great customer service at Vuorio. My shirt ripped and without any hassle, they mailed me a new shirt! This is a company that cares about it's customers, and stands behing their products. I love their shirts and shorts and will always come back to give them my business.

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