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Gina M

The questtionaire on the Stich Fix site is great for determining your preferences, and they'r able to send your size clothing to you every month. You only pay for the clothing that you choose from the box, and then send back the rest at no cost! Stich Fix sends emails to update you on new fashion styles which is really awesome!

Eva S

Everyone in the house LOVES Stance socks by a landslide. I got some as a gift and since that day my husband and I have been ordering them-- he even steals mine!

Alison T

I'm impressed that these fit as they should, and the style and the material are beyond perfection. So comfy and they support me properly. They're airy and the band is made well. Can't ask for anything else! I'll be ordering these from CK again.

Eric S

Very simple, minimal watch. It's a fantastic watch and it works with all my outfits.

Theron R

I got the "New Look" shorts from Olivers and I love them even more than their other shorts! These are the best shorts for every activity, be it hiking, exercising, lounging around, and even for the office. Great job Olivers!

Christa M

I own almost everything that American Giant makes and it's all superb quality! Their design is simple but SO well done. It always works for me. Recommended!

Ada P

These are awesome boots. So comfy inside, roomy for my toes, with a great fit. I didn't need to wear them for long before they got comfortable, and my orthotics fit in them like a glove. I like them so much, I'm considering a second pair in another color.

Mathew T

Before the company was sold to a new owner, the service was poor. They lost track of my order because they were overwhelmed. But the new management contacted me and made sure to make up for it! They sent me the suit at a discounted price. Once I tried it on, I decided I liked it a lot. They're really working hard to make their customers happy.

bobby K

Well made clothing. Sizing was great, and it was reasonably priced! I can't wait for them to come out with new designs and items!

kian G

I really like the Wanfield wallet I got. The color I chose is beautiful. It feels really nice and I like it's size. Made very well!I like that it's smaller so I don't end up carrying too many things around, except for the necessities. This is what I had been looking for in a wallet!

greg M

For the price they charge, they really do deliver quality! Shipping is prompt, and the best part is that it's a US company that makes awesome products!

Lanny R

I've got wide feet and I found a company that makes the perfect dress shoe for me! It's about time I found shoes that work for my long, wide feet. I can't wait to order more styles. They take some time to break in, and I was impressed that they provide you with shoe bags in the packaging. Well done. Great quality shoes.

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