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Rene B

Salomon's ski gear is consistently great quality. They are expensive, but you get great quality for the price. Since I love this brand, I decided to try some of their other products and just purchased a pair of hiking pants!

Iva D

I heard about SVS products on a podcast that I listen to and man, I am not disappointed! The value of these subs is great for the incredible quality sound! It's out of this world! They also have great customer support.

Linda H

My dad is in his 80's and couldn't be happier to be able to play his cassettes and albums again! This is a real blast from the past for him and he's really enjoying learning how to use the player's applications.

Maxine A

I ordered the RT-81 turntable for my kid and he loves the sleek look of the wood and loves the sound quality that vinyl produces. The customer service rep I spoke to was so accommodating in ensuring we ordered the correct thing and had it sent to our son at college.

Karen C

I had a few other brands of ropes that we less expensive than these, but they don't even compare to this jump ripe. I get such a good grip on the handles, and the design of the rope really gives you the best workout.

Susie A

These are so adorable and comfy, and I love wearing them while I meditate. I got the medium size and it was just right for my size and height.

Kasandra S

WOW, the customer service is outstanding! They answered me no more than five minutes after contacting them, I'm VERY impressed!! Awesome people, fantastic products!

Stella W

As a working mom, who's also studying in school, I have a lot of stress and this mat has become my savior! It is so worth the expense. Every evening I wind down on my mat. I take it with me when I travel. I sleep with the pillow and it's cured my migraines and helps me sleep sooo well. I haven't needed to go to the Chiro for a long time!

Kellye D

I think this could use some improvements, but overall it's a fantastic product.

Survival and Corss

Survival and Cross is dedicated to bringing quality fitness gear like their speed cable jump rope and other fitness apparel and provides quality manufactured fitness gear that will guarantee an optimized workout.

Shelly A

I was looking for a rope just like this! Adjusting it is simple to fit how tall you are and your how long your arms are. It's made well and has a weightiness to it to give it a good swing. The handles are sturdy. It comes with a great bag to hold it in and clips to keep the rope from tangling up. I'm very excited to add this to my exercise routine and making things a bit more challenging. They've got great customer service who goes above and beyond for the customers. I got an email asking if I was pleased and needed any assistance.

Luz S

I had a similar ball to this from another brand that stopped working after a few weeks and this one has been so much better. Amazing autostart wind up which makes it simpler to start your exercise. I use it every day for half an hour and it functions perfectly.

Minnie P

These bands are the best! Since getting them I've been able to challenge myself more while I work out. Great that they're easy to travel with. One of them ripped after a couple of months so I emailed them and they sent me one to replace it a few days later. Great company and fantastic service!

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