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Marcia Q

High-quality product that simple to put together on your own in just a few minutes. It's incredibly durable and doesn't shift around when I use it even though I'm a pretty big person. It also works really nicely as a curl bench, although I would love it if the seat was a little wider. All-in-all happy with it as an addition to my home exercise routine.

Addie G

Can I hear it for B Yoga mat!! I called them when my order was delayed and they did everything they could to expedite the packing so that I could just come to pick it up myself an hour later. Now that's incredible service! I'm crazy about this mat and I have recommended this company to all my students.

Toccara H

My friend told me about this company. Fantastic product, made with quality materials! Customer service is very responsive and available to help.

Mark S

There's not much to argue about: these are the most amazing adjustable dumbbells on the market! Bowflex has the most incredible customer service and offers a great warranty. These won't take up a lot of space and will cost you less than other sets of weights.

Tammy P

I'm not an avid cyclist, but this bike is so much more than that! The classes get your fire going and give you the motivation to come back for more. I love how to bike has helped me in my journey to get my body healthy and toned! Amazing job!

Kelly F

Thanks to Tonal, I went from knowing nothing about strength training to feeling badass about my workouts!! I'm seeing how strong I'm getting, and I love the workouts and the instruction that I'm getting. I feel great!

Kim H

This product has been a game changer for me!!! I have been able to take the gym/classes at my own convenience, and have felt the results of my efforts! The way they planned and put together the instructors, the programs, and classes is top notch!! I don't know what I would do without my Mirror.

Maritza W

The product came as I expected and so far has been the best thing I've ever spent my money on for my home exercises! It's worth it to buy the real product and not a generic version- this is so well made, its durable and using it is so easy. Simply the best in the industry!

Hattie B

I was in dire need of a mat that would stop me from slipping on my sweaty hands. The couple of times that I've used this mat it's worked wonders!! The lines on it keep me aligned in the asanas. It's a large mat so it's pretty weighty. I don't need a very long mat since I'm pretty average height, but someone tall will love that. It's pretty pricey, but it does the job of keeping me in place when I'm practicing.

Deidre D

Love this mat, it's amazing and beautiful! I had a Jade mat before but the sun killed it, and so I got a new one and I like this one even better! It's the prettiest one in class, I love having a unique mat to show people!

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