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Wanda M

Incredible supplements! Since I began using them I signed up to the monthly subscription. They have awesome discounts on the site! This product has hugely improved my digestion and skin. I used to break out all the time and my stomach was a mess. No longer!

Ola L

The Renew Life probiotics I ordered haven't cause me any negative issues, and are made with good ingredients. I take one a day and I will be buying more!

lisa M

I like that they ask for your feedback so that they can make changes to better the service. I got so much more info than other services offered--hereditary and diet. They're really devoted to their customers and have amazing customer service. Very much recommend Vitagene!

Theresa H

This works as they promise it will and my expectations were exceeded. I've gotten the best results from this product out of all the ones I've tried.

Delfina K

At last! I found a product that works! I tried it at a low dosage and worked my way up and the wait to see results was worth it! I'm quite large, so it turns out I need to take a lot of drops to get the effects. I feel so calm and feel great, so grateful! I could only afford this because of the discount program!

Margarette B

My order of the 240mg oil was delivered very fast. The flavor and scent are kind of intense, but not terrible. It's calmed me down so that I can sleep well and I'm waiting to see what it does for my RA. I haven't felt this positive about anything in a while, so I'm very grateful to you!

Monica C

This is the purest CBD product on the market. They are flavor free, and the tabs work wonders for my sleep with no ill side effects. I've been telling everyone in my sphere about these products. The way they produce it allows you to add it to other creams or products to amp up the potency. They have great customer service and delivery service also.

Philomena G

Nothing works as well as this product for my joint issues and my sciatic pain. It's become my nightly ritual to massage it into my feet and I'm pain-free! Love it!!

Kerry M

Wildflower products are at the forefront of change and growth in the CBD wellness industry. Their products are the best of the best and they are leading Canada in the march toward bringing cannabis to the community and making a difference!

Vonda N

Very pleased and content with my order. The products are great! The company has fantastic service and shipping is super fast!

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