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Dear Kate

A revolutionary fabric technology to protect the wearer from leaks and stains during periods. Specialising in women's underwear, activewear, and dancewear.

Faith S

The customer service at Dear Kate is amazing. I accidentally ordered the wrong thing, and they were great about switching them. Thanks!!

Icon Undies

ICON makes soft and stylish panties for women with light to moderate bladder leaks. Each pair is made from breathable fabric to keep the wearer feeling fresh, and comfortable.

Lisa G

I used to have to worry about leaking anytime I did anything! I couldn't giggle, jump, walk too fast, or cough without worrying. No more!! They are so comfortable, way more so than any of the undies I used to wear! No more itchiness and discomfort. I'm excited to buy more from the site. I am so grateful to this company for the revolutionary service they offer.

Angie S

Amazing products! This is what you want to buy if you're concerned about removing toxins from what you use. The packaging is very pretty and neutral, unlike the girly flowery packets that other brands have. I don't need my products to scream that I'm a girl-- I'm totally aware of that, thanks!

Geri C

I saw an ad for these on FB and didn't think they could possibly work. Well, let me tell you, they do!! I wore them last cycle and I was so comfortable and worry-free. These should be sold to every high school student, we need this!

Donna B

They have a first-time order discount which I used and I'm so excited to get these every month! The way they pack it is so cute. My kids even commented on it! I was happy to see that there was more in the box than I expected. It feels like someone is taking care of me when I have my period! This is so helpful and easy and I strongly recommend signing up! You're doing an amazing job Dame!!

Charlene H

I LOVE my stunning new rosegold razor and razor blades! The blades function beautifully and are still sharp for several uses. I'm on my 6th or 7th shave and still sharp! I'm amazed!

Racquel H

I made my order Friday afternoon and it was at my house the next day! they pack it up so nicely, the Eve blades in the cutest pods. I've got the subscription for myself and my two kids. My girl and I love the Eve razor. Shaving takes way less time because of the big razor head and it swivels very nicely in the tricky areas. It's a wonderful shave, with no cutting accidents or red bumps afterward. I'm sure the Pace I got my son is going to perform just as well!

Tu C

I'm obsessed with this razor! I keep it in my car for those times that I need to shave last minute for an event. That just happened recently on my way tp engagement party! I love it!!!!

Janine P

crazy about this! Top quality razors that cost way less than what I would pay in a shop. They're perfect in every way!

Janett G

Thinx undies, which you can wear instead of using pads and tampons, is the most practical item you can buy! Great customer service- I ordered an item that ended up being backlogged, so they sent me a coupon for 30% off! I was so happy to get my purchase on sale!! I also got free delivery, and they have a wonderful policy for 60 returns no questions asked!

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