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Mable D

I now consider myself an expert at skincare, and Patchology gets top points!! The products and customer service are fantastic. I asked them some questions and they have gone above and beyond for me, and are so kind in the process. When I broke up with my partner, she even took some of my Patchology products with her, it's that superb. I'm a customer for life!

Arleen V

I use the soap daily and the mask once a week, and I cannot imagine my life without these two! I'm obsessed with Alaska Glacial Mud products and have had a wonderful experience communicating with the company personnel.

Antoinette M

I'm crazy about Lush! They have the most incredible items, and they send samples with your orders. Also- they have excellent customer service.

Marcela C

I'm crazy about this company. I use it to send flowers to friends who always give me amazing feedback! I'd love it if someone sent ME flowers from Bouqs! This company does everything in its power to make you happy. I highly recommend the service.

Danya T

Wow! Of all the subscription boxes that I've used, this one far exceeds the other! Great variety of products, and it's always so fun to open the box and smell all the fantastic scents! I've told all my subscribers about Bath Bevy and I've gotten great feedback from them, they all love it! I really look forward to opening up boxes- such a joy! Great job Bath Bevy--keep doing what you're doing, the boxes are fantastic!!!

Paige G

The last box I got from TheraBox was awesome! The skincare theme was just what my dry skin needed. I've used a few of the products and love them all so far! Everything is top quality and an amazing value for the price that you pay. I'm so excited for next month!

Migel G

My first box arrived and I LOVE the way everything smells!!! This box of goodies made me so happy and I'm super excited to fill up the tub and give these products a try.

Wilma G

I'm crazy about MONQ, it's been essential to healing my anxiety and stress. I love the assurance that it won't lose battery because you can recharge it. It's so small and easy to carry around.

Colette B

This is amazing! I've used many creams that haven't given me such amazing results like this one. Juts after one use the lines over my lip are smoother. Because I got such amazing results I HAD to order more! It's incredible!! I promise, you will love this cream.

Alison B

Such one-of-a-kind candles that help me chill out and feel so calm. I light them to read a good book or sit down to work on a project. The two scents Chandelier and Canopy smells so rich and divine and I love the pretty boxes. You will not regret getting these!

Laura K

The Lemon Spritz Reed Diffuser I bought for my house has been dispensing JUST the right amount of scent. I set it up next to my garbage can and it does the dual duty of eliminating the trash smell, while also making my house smells like citrusy heaven. I'll be buying again!

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