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Charles K

The products in and of themselves are simply amazing. They are literally everything that you would want in makeup. Like any good thing there prices vary but it is so worth it.

Ruthie L

My whole family loves to have an organic, mineral sunscreen option! We love in Florida, and it has been very effective here, and we love that the product isn't harmful to the oceans or our bodies. It's a bit dense, but that's what I like when looking for protection from the harsh sun!

Gordon Z

These beard products are the best! I found them a little while ago and they really do what they say. Other beard products don't deliver these kinds of results. I noticed a difference right away!

Evangeline F

I love being able to have a working machine from a notable company such as NuFace. The fact that I don't have to leave my home to get this treatment and these results is gold!

Scotty K

This functions beautifully. My wife and I love the way that my skin feels. The packaging is great for traveling with since it complies with TSA guidelines. You can really get all of the product out of it too.

Gail B

I sleep so deeply when I apply this before I get into bed at night. I love the citrus scent which is so refreshing and calming. It's a bit expensive for the size that you get, but I'll be sure to order it again!

bj W

The eye cream is fantastic! I love what it comes in, and I'm very happy about the outcome I'm seeing for the reasonable price that I'm paying!

Anne M

I'm crazy about Beauty Counter items- they're groundbreaking, yield results, and are toxin free! The Beauty Counter consultant Sarah is so nice and really helped me figure out what to buy.

Bruce A

This is the best of all the creams that I've used. I'm almost 50 and it's been great for me. It awakens the skin around my eyes, causing it to tingle a bit, and really hydrates. I liked it so much I ordered a Brickell sample kit which got me to get their cleanser. The company has amazing customer service too.

Jeanette L

My items were delivered very quickly. They have a great site that super easy to figure out, and they have a wide selection of products. They're always coming out with new products.

Candice W

The product and the way it's packaged are great. I've tried my fair share of matte pomades and none compare to this one. Light scent that doesn't cling to you all day long. This is kind of expensive but good quality products are worth paying extra for.

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