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Nannie B

This is the queen of all brushes! I use with my blowdryer and I get the best results!! My hair shines and looks fantastic. Love it, it's amazing!!

Lori T

The color is stunning, it covered my graying hair, and my hair looks lush and feels silkier than ever! So worth paying for this product. I've got a lit of hair and there was enough in the container. The scent is awesome too. I recommend this to EVERYONE!!

jennifer S

This is the most amazing rise I've found! My hair feels fantastic and it lasts for a few days- no need for any other products or even for another wash!

Velia C

I've been dying my hair with Splat since I'm a teen. I'm always happy with the colors, they come out great!

Charles B

I'm crazy about this!! It's expensive, but you really don't need to use a lot, so it'll last you a long time. It smells heavenly.

Daisy W

Sultra touts the best products and incredible customer service. My hair-dresses friend only uses Sultra products. The iron doesn't damage your hair, it's incredible! Order you're hair tools from Sultra if you want the guarantee of amazing products made by a dependable company.

Hortencia B

I'm obsessed with Kent Brushes, they're superior to any other brushes on the market. I recommend that everyone pick one up! Bravo Kent!

Jade J

I love love love Soleil products! They make the best straightener. It heats up quickly and doesn't damage my hair, which comes out so soft after using it. The straightening lasts the whole day. I also really like their shampoo and conditioner which bring moisture and restore the hair. It's all worth your money!!

Miranda S

Installation took a minute and we're off! I like that the shower is gentle, yet has great flow. My wife and girls love this shower head and have given it a big thumbs up! They couldn't believe it when I first put it in, and the therapeutic aspect of the scent is the best part! We're talking about getting another one. We love it.

Toccara B

L'Oreal delivers on their promises. They're well priced, and I'm always pleased with the way my hair comes out! I've never regretted a L'Oreal purchase- loyal customer for life!!

Clarice R

This brush has changed my life my kid has transformed from a whiny avoider of brushing her hair to her brushing her own hair. Amazing product!

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