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Brands incorporating CBD properties into their health-boosting products include Wildflower who are on a mission to connect people with the healing power of CBD wellness through their capsules and blends. Imbue Botanicals offer a broad range of supplements for people and for pets due to their respect for the healing power of centuries-old botanicals to improve lives. Theramu sublingual elixirs promote calm, from the inside out, while Green Roads make CBD edibles as a safe and effective alternative to painkillers.

Jill C

My old cat is suffering from arthritis and was headed to surgery. I decided one day to drop some of the 350mg dose into her food every day and see what effects it had. The next time I took her to the vet, they noticed the difference in her! She's been able to eat more and is becoming stronger and can even run again! I got my feisty cat back!! I highly highly recommend this!

Monica C

This is the purest CBD product on the market. They are flavor free, and the tabs work wonders for my sleep with no ill side effects. I've been telling everyone in my sphere about these products. The way they produce it allows you to add it to other creams or products to amp up the potency. They have great customer service and delivery service also.

Margarette B

My order of the 240mg oil was delivered very fast. The flavor and scent are kind of intense, but not terrible. It's calmed me down so that I can sleep well and I'm waiting to see what it does for my RA. I haven't felt this positive about anything in a while, so I'm very grateful to you!

Vonda N

Very pleased and content with my order. The products are great! The company has fantastic service and shipping is super fast!

Christa H

There are many options out there but PureKana has given me the best experience. They have the best CBD products. They just came out with toothpicks, which is super cool and one-of-a-kind. I always have a few of their tinctures in my home. Highly highly recommended!

Cassandra F

These gummies really work and are delicious! I'm crazy about them and highly recommend them for anyone looking to lessen anxiety and calm down.

Lorraine D

I've was diagnosed with RA at a young age and I've been in pain for over a decade now. Since finding Hempbombs I've been able to stop medications that I've been taking for years. It's been a few years off the meds now, and it's also helped with my anxiety levels. So happy that Hempbombs has this natural alternative to pain management! A+!!!!

Janeen A

I ordered the sample pack and it arrived in just a few days! I decided to get it to see how it helped with some very painful inflammatory issues I've been having which don't seem to be affected by medication. This is a great pack that will be the perfect introduction to trying CBD products.

Millie C

I like the variety of products this company makes. I get stuff both for myself and my dogs that are all the best quality. They send really good emails that aren't like the other annoying subscriptions I've been signed up to. I actually get great info on them.

Evelia D

I have anxiety so I ordered the full spectrum 1000 mg oil and it's been amazing! I feel much calmer since taking it. I love adding the cinnamon seasoning to my morning cup o' joe, and I bought some of their savory seasonings as well, they are all fantastic and delicious!! I highly recommend ordering Cured Nutrition products.

Josefa E

I've been seeing doctors about the constant pain that I experienced in my knee that really affected my quality of life. None of them could find something wrong! So, I turned to alternative methods by trying this CBD coconut oil and I couldn't believe it when the pain subsided!! I knew that this was the real reason because I recently forgot to bring it with me on a trip and a week in, my pain returned! Thank goodness, I made a quick order and it arrived to heal me once again. I highly recommend this product for those dealing with chronic pain and strange aches that can't be explained. Thank you!!

Kerry M

Wildflower products are at the forefront of change and growth in the CBD wellness industry. Their products are the best of the best and they are leading Canada in the march toward bringing cannabis to the community and making a difference!

Theresa H

This works as they promise it will and my expectations were exceeded. I've gotten the best results from this product out of all the ones I've tried.

Delfina K

At last! I found a product that works! I tried it at a low dosage and worked my way up and the wait to see results was worth it! I'm quite large, so it turns out I need to take a lot of drops to get the effects. I feel so calm and feel great, so grateful! I could only afford this because of the discount program!

Philomena G

Nothing works as well as this product for my joint issues and my sciatic pain. It's become my nightly ritual to massage it into my feet and I'm pain-free! Love it!!