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Drinks To Help You Sleep

Whether you suffer from insomnia, or just want to sleep better so you wake refreshed and focused, you can rely on a new crop of wellness drink products. These range from cool tonics and CBD-infused sodas from brands like Dirty Lemon and Sprig, to soothing, caffeine-free herbal infusions from brands like Buddha Teas and Tee-We Teas with calming herbs used for centuries. There’s even decaf green tea. Non-dairy milks are another night time choice, with brands like Elmhurst 1925 and Almond Cow catering to fans of walnut, soya and other alt milks, all containing the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan found in dairy milk.

Nena G

These are delicious and I even got these are to improve my hair, I've also seen improvements in my skin! My nails are still the same though.

Lia G

I ordered a batch of these milks to try the different ones and I'm blown away by how tasty they are!!! So far I've had the hazelnuts and the peanut choco. AMAZING!! The peanut chocolate milk is a real treat, perfect for after a meal. This has made my transition to plant-based milk so much easier! I'll be buying again for sure.

Delfina K

At last! I found a product that works! I tried it at a low dosage and worked my way up and the wait to see results was worth it! I'm quite large, so it turns out I need to take a lot of drops to get the effects. I feel so calm and feel great, so grateful! I could only afford this because of the discount program!

Doris L

Mountain Rose Herbs is my FAVORITE company for herbs and organic products! The variety of their products is out of this world, they ship the items quickly and the customer service is great!!

Annette P

I've done the detox and diet teas and wow! They really do clean you out of all junk! My body feels lighter and emptier than ever, and it's reduced my bloating!

Sarah J

I have been enjoying this tea and it's by far the best I've tasted! They have Chakra blends that are so luxurious and it feels like you're drinking healing in a tea. They have an incredible selection, if you got them all you wouldn't be drinking the same thing twice for a whole month!

Joy B

I'm totally obsessed!! I got one of the flavors in one of my monthly goodie boxes and I'm hooked! They're a bit pricey, but I'd love to buy all the flavors to try them!

John L

I have been wanting to wake up earlier so I can do some serious workouts as the sun is rising. This stuff has been essential to getting me prepped and able to fall asleep after a stress-filled, hard day at work. I only use it during the week and on weekends I manage to fall asleep on my own. I highly highly recommend it!