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Ayurvedic Lifestyle

The ancient Indian lifestyle and healing system, Ayurveda, has made it to Forbes’ list of the 10 wellness trends you have to try in 2019. Check out the brands bringing you the chance to benefit from Ayurvedic wisdom. Products take in everything from body scrubs to healthy snacks, smoothies to serums, copper water bottles to herbal supplements - all helping you bring the healing benefits of Ayurveda directly into your everyday life.

Allene K

Stunning water bottle. The water tastes just fine, not metallic, and the bottle has a beautiful sheen. I feel like I'm walking around with a rose gold bottle, it really feels and looks rich. And I love that it has health benefits!

Doris L

Mountain Rose Herbs is my FAVORITE company for herbs and organic products! The variety of their products is out of this world, they ship the items quickly and the customer service is great!!

Nancy G

This lactation chai tea is SO much better than other herbal teas. When I started to work again and was away on business trips, I would pump, and this tea ensured that I never lost my supply. It sometimes even increased it! There's plenty in the tea bag to make several cups and it's well made so the bags don't tear and lose the contents.

Maureen S

I love that this company promotes a natural look in their products. My skin can react to some beauty products, but Uma has been great. They ship very fast and I plan to buy more from them! I recommend these products.