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Healthy Snacking

Checked out healthy snack brands lately? Healthy ideas for when you’ve got the munchies take in delicious energizing bakes , Paleo sweets and desserts, colorful fruit snacks , and superfood bars. While you're at it, why not try foods inspired by the Ayurvedic Lifestyle? There’s even an unusual drink blend for daring snackers who want to boost their health and success!

Hassie P

Love with Food has given me the highest level of customer service I've ever received. No other company works this way, you guys rock!!

Valentina C

Taali has become the one snack I turn to. They're so lightweight and easy to ingest, and it way healthier than the other snacks on the market, while still being flavorful and crunchy. They are fulfilling, but those flavors make you crave more every time. I like to mix flavors together to get an awesome combination of spicy and sweet. I always keep a bag around the house, at work and when I'm on the go. I recommend this snack!

Lashawna W

I'm totally ordering this again after getting the free sample! I thought that the combo of spinach and berries and apple would be strange but it's delicious!! I'm crazy about it! AND they gave me a discount, so excited!

Vicky M

The Super Seed Classic Crackers are the BEST!!! This is the best cracker that I could find to fit my mostly raw vegan diet. I like to eat them with peanut butter that I ground myself with a banana... YUM!! Love these crackers!

Pamela N

I started with the sampler pack and now I'm addicted! I looove the Vanilla Cinnamon that one's my favorite. This is a tasty and nutritious treat.

Terry L

This is an incredible subscription box. I can give my tween snacks to take to school now! Each dessert is wrapped separately, which is very convenient for me while packing lunches. I've tasted a few of them and I must say these are really delicious. AND he's approved of them! Thanks for making my life easier!

Corinne S

This awesome product is a huge time saver for me when I don't have time to make food. It's so good that I haven't gotten sick of it yet. I started drinking these a few years ago, and I'm very happy with this life-changing product as well as the company. They have great customer service!

Lena W

I don't want to exist in a world without graze boxes. They have such delectable food! Check them out!