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Similar Brands to Babo Botanicals

Karina C

All other brands but Blue Lizard have gone in the trash!! My family was on a vacation at the beach and we all got burned from the sun except for my daughter who has been given this sunscreen to use by her dermatologist! Now the rest of us are using it too!

Bernadette L

This moisturizer does a superb job of providing dry skin relief. Will be ordering more soon!

Lily R

color pay off is amazing, but this stuff stains everything you own and your whole body. i’ve also noticed its clogged up my pores. really annoying and my skin feels gross and has blue clogged pores all over and it’s been 3 days of showering and i still look like a total smurf. :(

Pamala H

WOW!! What an amazing product and fantastic customer care!! How is it not more popular?? I love that it creates a sheen, curls that stay defined, and is easy to rejuvinate with some H2O. No buildup too!! No matter what the weather is, my hair stays beautiful with lovley body. Say goodbye to your frizz. I'm almost a week in with these products, and I may have discovered them late in the game, but I'm in baby!!

Courtney W

I got into Cerave after trying many other skincare products, both expensive and inexpensive. Their's is by far the best system for skincare. I use the facial cleanser, day cream, night cream, and eye cream - and my skin both looks and feels awesome.

Cristy H

Facial mask conformed very well, stayed put, and felt very soothing. After removal my face felt softer and smoother with a little dryness. The results were comparable to if I applied face lotion. A bit messy, make sure you are over a sink because when you pull out the masks it drips a bit.

Rose L

Normally store bought hair dye doesn’t cover all my grey and I end up having to redye in three to four weeks with esalon it covered all my grey first time so far I’m loving it

Eliza L

I don't order my Aveda products online, but I had some points to redeem, so I gave their customer service a call. They were extremely accomodating and honored my request for using the points for a specific product. They are sending my items in the mail. What a wonderful experience! They have great products and perfect service--other companies should take note!

Stasia D

Adore my concealer. Easy to apply even under eyes and soft and creamy - bisque color perfect blend for my coloring.