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Similar Brands to Bare Republic

Karina C

All other brands but Blue Lizard have gone in the trash!! My family was on a vacation at the beach and we all got burned from the sun except for my daughter who has been given this sunscreen to use by her dermatologist! Now the rest of us are using it too!

Alma H

Obsessed! It saved my skin from the sun without the use of gross chemicals! You really don't need to use a lot of product, otherwise, you'll look all white and pasty.

Marcella M

BGS is the BEST! As a beauty expert, I love recommending this as the best way to protect my client's skin from sun damage. It blends into the skin with no discoloration, hydrates, and protects! Highly recommend BGS.

Patsy S

Stunning product! It's so easy to apply and doesn't come right off in the water. So amazing that it doesn't harm the reef which important to me since I work with coral nurseries. I love the scent! I truly recommend this!

Providencia B

I called customer service about an issue I had with a product and they were so helpful and went above and beyond to make me happy. Exemplary service! Very grateful, you've won my loyalty as a customer.

Cecilia C

I love this! I wanted to buy a sippy cup that's not plastic and would be easy for an exclusively breastfed baby to get used to. My LO has transitioned so well to this cup, it was really easy for her and she likes it so much! I'm ordering more!

Adriana L

I use the Even Up Clinical Pigment Perfector from ColorScience and it feels amazing! Lightweight product that lasts all day. I use it along with their powder stick, which compises most of my makeup routine since I really don't like to war much. It sits smoothly and makes your skin look clear, although if your'e looking for something to cover up blemishes and dark marks, you'll need something more heavy duty.

Helen M

Love this product--my kids hair always looks so clean and shiny when we use it. It smells delightful and is wonderful for kids who have sensitive skin. Amazing product!