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Similar Brands to Nike

Dean B

I have three pairs of Chacos and I'm in love with them! Besides the great design on the straps, they're very durable and so comfortable. They feel great even after years of use.

Carol L

I haven't had any issues with my order from Clark! I bought some boots from them. They shipped on time, and it's free to return items if you need to- though they don't supply you with the ability to track it. If you are patient, the refund comes in as promised.

Gerard S

I love these shoes, they fit perfectly. Onitsuka Tiger is such a classic brand. Their shoes look great and just as you'd expect based on the website pics. I just wish they were made of slightly better material so they'd last a bit longer. I love wearing their shoes though because they fit like athletic shoes, they make e feel fast and sporty, and give me a lot of confidence. Awesome shoes, classic brand, and a perfect combination of comfort and style.

Tasha H

Tom's shoes are very comfortable and their customer support is very helpful, especially if you contact them via online chat. They're ridiculously friendly.