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Similar Brands to Rituals

Lakisha L

So fabulous! The lavender smell is the best, it smells just like the lavender essential oil. The bottle lasts forever and can be used for such a variety of uses! For cleaning, laundry, etc. without using any toxins that you don't want in your home.

Lona D

This lathers up nicely, smells wonderful and refreshing, and makes my skin feel wonderful. All natural!

Suzanne D

We use the calendula balm for any hurts, burns, rashes, etc. on the family. Every family should have this in their home! It's a must!!!

Shaun W

The scent isn't too strong, it's really nice. The soap gets foamy enough to use to shave and it keeps my skin smooth and moisturized. Each bar takes a few months to finish. I have no reason to try any other brand, this is the best.

Deborah Dickerson

My skin has become SO soft since using these Herban soaps from the set I bought! I'm on the patchouli scent and my skin feels like silk.

Josephina H

I'm crazy about the body wash from CLN, I've actually been using it as a face cleanser and it's really cleared up my complexion. My pores have shrunk and even though some stuff still comes up, the situation is MUCH improved! My skin is so much less agitated.