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Elenora B

The ordering process from Onsen was so simple and I love their products! They're so great that I went back online and ordered a few more as gifts for family. These are becoming my go-to gifts for myself and our family.

Ollie A

I used to move around and sleep so terribly at night until I bought this blanket. I'm sleeping SO much more soundly now, and I wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, thanks to this blanket!

Rona R

I was impressed with how quickly this was delivered. It's nice and large, but it does seem a bit too warm for the hotter months of the year. It does function as they say it will though, it's very calming and soothing! And I think my sleep is improving. Thanks!!

Heather M

I slept on this pillow for two nights and that's all it took for my neck to feel better!! I'm obsessed!!

Danielle B

I ordered a beaded valence from Saffron Marigold and it's beautiful! The design is one-of-a-kind, and the handcrafted bead work is stunning, and makes it stand out. Ordering process was simple, and their customer support was wonderful. I made another order of curtains and I'm crazy about them too!

Susan M

This set of queen size white sheets is the best! The sizing is perfect and they're made large enough that they go on a large, wide mattress easily without effort. And they drape beautifully over the edges. I love the lightweight, silky cotton which feels amazing when it's hot out. Looking for standard white sheets? Look no further than White Loft Silk!

Christi J

Incredible effect that I felt right away. I wake up way less during the nighttime, and it molds around my head and neck so much better than any pillow ever has! I'm buying one for my spouse too!

Janis B

The items came well packed and could be gifted just like that! I got the neck wrap for my spouse as well as the pillowcases made of organic cotton. And a candle too. I love giving my business to a moral company that works with organic materials.

Harriett M

By far the best mattress I've ever used. I sleep on my side and on my back- and its great for both! Quick and easy ordering process. It arrived promptly. Everyone should buy these mattresses.

Danya T

Wow! Of all the subscription boxes that I've used, this one far exceeds the other! Great variety of products, and it's always so fun to open the box and smell all the fantastic scents! I've told all my subscribers about Bath Bevy and I've gotten great feedback from them, they all love it! I really look forward to opening up boxes- such a joy! Great job Bath Bevy--keep doing what you're doing, the boxes are fantastic!!!