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Similar Brands to Soylent

Estela C

This tastes so good and has a great amount of calories and protein, and not too much sugar. I like to add it to my protein shake after exercising. Also great on it own- just add some ice and voila! Delicious.

Nila B

These really helps me feel better. I am an athlete and this product is wonderful and has improved my joint health.

Nadia H

So yummy, it makes my inner self shine and keeps my body hydrated!

Toccara D

These are so much yummier than their competitors. I love adding hemp seed to the Immunity smoothie and also really like the Very Veggie and Detox. They're so nutritious and fresh tasting! YUM!!!

Ronda C

My doc told me that to keep my health up I had to supplement with bone broth. I really wasn't excited about that prospect, but once I tried this I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was with just an added sprinkle of s&p.

Maricela Lomas

I always take this as summer ends and winter comes along because I reliably get sick as autumn comes in. I work with kids and they circulate every germ known to man, which I then get. So this product has been amazing at keeping that at bay.

Nancy C

When I ordered the Urthbox I didn't realize that I had agreed to a monthly subsciption, which really isn't within my budget currently. When I was charged the next month, I contacted them and they really were wonderful about quickly canceling and refunding me. I'm very impressed with that kind of service! Other than that, the food in the box was so tasty and healthy to boot! Really is a great way to get to try some new healthy foods! I really recommend this service.

christy C

Aloha is the only company that makes a protein shake with real, organic ingredients. No soy or dairy. Only true whole nutrition. I think that this shake tops all the others in the industry!!

Perry Aranda

This yummy, fulfilling snack doesn’t effect my glycemic numbers. It’s great! They have really nice customer service. Very accommodating. I highly recommend Chocorite!